Don’t settle

We received our images back from the October, Boards & Bordeaux GNO yesterday and they are bringing me so much joy already!  Our beloved Official HeartStories Photographer, Vanessa Corral, lost her precious Abuelita (grandmother) this past week, which obviously shifted her focus temporarily.  The thing about timing though is that it’s always perfect, if you expect it to be.  I’ve been dying to see these pics for almost three weeks, but yesterday was the perfect day for me to receive them.  A lot can change in three weeks, and for me, I finally hit the glide of autumn that I’ve been looking forward to, after a year that far-and-away takes the cake for the most demanding of my life to date.  This year has taught me much, and I know the learning will continue.  One of the biggest lessons has been this:

“If you’re not willing to risk ‘the usual’, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rhon

There’s not been one single thing in my life that’s felt “usual” this year.  For a variety of reasons, every area of my life has been disrupted.  Some areas have been completely uprooted and are in the process of replanting.  Others have shown me the importance of clearly identifying and holding on to ‘my people’ in the middle of the chaos of life.  Still others have shown me the miraculous beauty of letting go, in the right season.

There have been (long) moments I questioned everything.

But this week, with the autumn chill in the air, I can feel myself settling into this new life.  As a result, when looking at the images from Vanessa, I’m sure that what I see today looks different from what I would have seen a couple of weeks ago.  There were several images that made my heart leap, for all different reasons.  But this one. . . this one is a picture of women, every last one of them, who has risked ‘the usual’ in big ways.  When I see their smiles and pay attention to the fact that we’re all huddled together in one, it fills me with hope.

Their smiles fill me with courage.

Not a single one of these ladies is content with settling for the ordinary.  They are laying it all out there, day after day, to make change that matters.  They are serving with their whole hearts.  They are giving this life all they have, for themselves, for their families and for this beautiful world we all share.

Don’t settle.

Don’t settle for ordinary.  You were made for so much more.  Risk the usual.

Do it surrounded by women who are risking “the usual” too.

It’s the only way through.

to more love,


P.S. We’ll be sharing ALL the beautiful images from Vanessa on our Facebook page today, so keep an eye out. . .

P. S. S.  If you’re looking for a the kind of courage that can only be found in the community of other courageous women, don’t miss your chance to join us next Thursday at the “Arranging for Autumn” GNO.  There are still seats available!

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