Climb mountains, with generosity

Yesterday this strong, beautiful woman took time out of her busy life to meet me for coffee.  We were apparently so immersed in the conversation I completely forgot to snap a photo, which turned out to be a gift.  Meet Claudia Mirza.  She’s the founder and CEO of Akorbi, a thriving U.S.-based company providing multilingual enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy.  She’s won numerous awards, both in business and personal life.  She’s recognized as a leader for the WPO (Women Presidents Organization).  With that intro and the image above, you might think she’s a bit “untouchable”.  That she’s one of those leaders “out there”.

But you’d be wrong.  

The caption she shared with the image above is only a tiny window into the truth about her heart and her spirit.  She said, “In business, you always have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.  Once in a while, someone notices your work, asks you to dress up and takes pictures.  Success is just a lot of hard work combined with a good strategy.”  She’s a combination of strength and humility, to the core.  One quick peek at her Facebook page and you’ll see.  She rides horses and often posts about the lessons she’s learning there. . . often in her helmet and riding boots, with no make-up, just the way she met me yesterday (minus the helmet).  If you’re looking for brilliant and humble wisdom bombs from a wildly successful woman leader, I highly suggest you follow her page.

She tells it like it is. 

Claudia’s story is SO full and beautiful, I can only begin to skim the surface.  She’s a mother, who knows the deep pain of nearly losing a child, and navigating a severe disability ever since. She began her business after losing her job.  It all started when she found herself offering to translate at a training where the translator didn’t show up.  This led her to investigate the need for an innovative and reliable translation services company.  She’s now led Akorbi to become multi-million dollar company with over 930 employees.  But instead of allowing all that success to go to her head, she’s become more humble.

She so generously shares her story to guide others along. 

She’s a bright and shining light tower to all women, looking to succeed in business, while creating an innovative culture of compassion, integrity, positivity, and fun.  (She is SO much fun!)  I’m sharing her story with you today for many reasons, but mostly because sharing our stories is our key to survival in this crazy world and I hope to inspire you to share yours.

Wherever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, please share your story with others.  

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed.  Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

You never know who needs to read that page to make it through today.  

Your story matters.

It’s the way to climb mountains with generosity. 

to more love,


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