Clear eyes, full hearts, Friday night.

Tonight is our Eagles first home football game.  So guess where I plan to be?

Right here, at the field, with my people.  

We’ll meet under the lights, grab food from the food trucks, and cheer on the boys who’ve been working so hard in preparation for this night.  In an odd sort of parallel, “Friday night lights” at school is a lot like the HeartStories girls night out.  It’s the place we know we can show up, to meet up with our people.  We don’t have to plan anything.

We just have to make it there.  

The kids will run wild.  And we will let them. (mine obviously couldn’t even be rallied for a picture)  Little do they know, we didn’t come for them.  We came to connect with each other.

We’re fully present in that moment, free of whatever stress was chasing us during the day.  

It’s not the same context Coach Taylor had in mind for his team in the NBC series Friday Night Lights with his pre-game chant.  But I can’t help but think it’s true for anyone who wants to make a difference at that field tonight.  Before the team goes out on the field he chants,  “Clear eyes, full hearts.” They collectively chants back, “Can’t lose!”

“Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose!”

“Clear eyes” is showing up and being fully present in the moment, letting go of the other distractions vying for your attention.  “Full hearts” is showing up emotionally, expecting the best in each other.  “Can’t lose” is the obvious conclusion to that story.  When decide to be present and show up for our people consistently over time, that’s a friendship recipe that can’t lose.

But you have to do the work.

It’s not showing up to point, stare, and gossip about all the latest drama.  It’s looking in each other’s eyes and truly seeing each other.  It’s standing beside each other, laughing, and cheering.  It’s just being real.

Whatever you’re doing this Friday night, show up for it, whether you “feel” like it or not. 

Be “all in” for the people you love.

“Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose!”

to more love,


p.s. Obviously this is exactly what we have planned for our Football 101 GNO.  Yes, we’re going to learn about football.  Yes, we’ll get a chance to run some plays.  But the magic is in showing up.  “Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose!”  Join us.  

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