Celebrating Through Our Sorrows

Tonight we paused our normal tidy-up-hurry-up routine just long enough to play a game of Chutes and Ladders. It’s a game of luck, but somehow I managed to beat my daughter twice in row.

As I won the second time, I waited for her reaction, expecting a meltdown or at the very least a sign of frustration.

But instead, my girl congratulated me, ran upstairs, and returned with a medal she made to celebrate my victory.

Every bone in Campbell’s body is good. Even on the longest chute down, the one that cost her the win, she said, “That’s alright. I love long slides.” She was so excited for my gain that she could care less about her loss.

During these days of increased division, may we remember this old adage,

“You’ve got a wedding planner praying for sunshine and a farmer praying at the same time for rain.”

One person’s win is not the same.

May we all learn to cheer people on this way—selflessly, enthusiastically.

May we all make medals and celebrate others, even in the middle of our own sorrows.

To More Love,


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