Celebrating Sandra

Sandra Crawford Williamson HeartStories Board of Directors

Today is a special day.

It’s a day to celebrate this beautiful woman, Sandra Crawford Williamson.

I’ve only really known her for 6 months, but it didn’t take me 5 minutes to know I loved her.

We met for lunch on the recommendation of my mentor, Toni.  I was nervous.  Quite honestly, based on Sandra’s resume’, I thought it was going to be a rough lunch.  I had judged her already in my mind.  She was a long-time successful business woman. . . and of course, I was just an imposter.

I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened next.

Sandra busted on the scene with a big giant hug for me.  She sat down with the warmest smile and the biggest heart.  She instantly opened up and begin to share her story with me.

Her real story.

She didn’t share the story in her LinkedIn profile or the one on her Corporate Board resume’.  She told me the story of her life.  The stories of her heart.

I learned a lot that day.

Sandra reminded me of so much about life and business, too.  That day, Sandra was a beautiful reminder, that no matter who you are or where you’ve been, transparently sharing your story is the way we connect to each other.

It’s how we break down walls and pre-conceived barriers.  

Sandra has been such a gift in my life and in the business of HeartStories over the last six months.

She believes that the dreams I have for HeartStories are totally possible, while she reminds me that it’s going to take blood, sweat and tears to get there.

She laughs with me and kicks my butt at the same time.  (I’m still not sure how she does that)

Sandra officially joined the HeartStories Board of Directors in April and she’s already been an invaluable member of the team.   Please welcome her to the team, connect with her, and show her a little HeartStories love.

Sandra, I celebrate you today!

I hope you have the most beautiful Birthday full of love from all around.

To more love,


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