Bring light

Kerry’s smile lights up the whole room.  But it’s not an innocent, Texas, sweet, sappy, or fake smile.  It’s pure brilliance, that’s what it is.  It’s the sassy smile of a strong, beautiful, and courageous woman who came to the USA from England when she was only 21, in pursuit of a career as a stylist.  It’s a knowing smile that she’s chosen, over and over, through all the hard work, effort and struggle.  It’s the smile that says without a word, “I got you girl.  We’ve got this.” and you instantly believe her.

Her smile is representative of the beautiful light inside her soul.

Kerry was one of the first participants of our Girls Night Out.  It didn’t take her long to enthusiastically raise her hand for Swish Salon in Frisco (that she built from the ground up) to partner with us a sponsor of our monthly pampering hour. (She’s smart like that!) Kerry, and her incredible team have been spoiling the ladies of our community by styling their hair before GNOs for over two years now.  She’s steady as a rock and dependable like the river, carving it’s way through it.   The longer I know her, the more I love her, the more I respect and admire her.  When I think of Kerry, I think of that quote that says:

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, and I lit that *b* up myself.”

Nothing can dim the light Kerry reflects in this world.  When she was once asked what she believes are the biggest obstacles for women, this was her answer:

“Honestly, this isn’t going to the popular consensus but, women. We get in our own way. If a woman is popular, tear her down. If a woman is unpopular, tear her down. If she’s pretty, rip her to shreds. If she’s not so pretty, call her names. If she thinks differently politically, throw her under the bus & call her every name under the sun. A woman makes a good name for herself, well she must have slept her way to the top, or she’s a *b*.

I don’t get, I will never get it.

Until women support each other AND our differences, why in the world would anyone take us seriously? Women can blame it on men all they want & granted there are some neanderthals out there, but good Lord looks at the way we are treating each other.”

What I know about Kerry is that she’s intent on living her life in opposition to this problem that we women often create for ourselves.

I’ve seen it firsthand, in a million scenarios.  She builds women up.  She supports other women, friends or not.  She expects only the best, she’s never looking for their worst.  She advocates for learning, growth, and the grace of doing better next time.  And going hand in hand.

She doesn’t deny the darkness, she simply shows it her match.  

The next time you’re tempted to tear another woman down, think of Kerry.

Remember that bright, sassy, beautiful smile and know that the choice is yours.  

Bring light, or contribute to the darkness.

The choice is always yours.  

to more love,


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