Breathe, HeartStoriesThere are days I feel like I’m running so fast I forget to breathe.   Not literally of course, but emotionally.   I move from one thing to the next without taking a single second to pause and focus with intention on where I’m headed or why.

Part of that is being a mother and running a business, but most of it is the lack of planning the day with intentional time to stop and breathe.

I talk a lot about taking action when you feel stuck.  It really works to get you unstuck, but if you never stop to breathe and be at peace throughout the day, you can end up a harried, frazzled mess.  (believe me, I know about this)

The two best coaches I’ve ever had, know this and are always very sensitive to my frazzled, busy state.

More often than not, when I sit down and start unloading 90 miles an hour, they hear me out, they validate, and then they say, “Ok, let’s stop for a minute to breathe.  Close your eyes . . .” and we do a breathing exercise.  We start by noticing all the crazy, agreeing that it’s hard and super busy.   Then (deep breath) being grateful that I have all I need to get it all done. (exhale. . . deep breath) Then trusting that what’s meant to be will ultimately happen if I show up and do my part, because that’s ultimately all I can control.  (long deep exhale)

I breathe out the crazy and breathe in peace. 

I’m still learning to catch my frazzled state and stop to do it on my own.  When I do, that one practice makes such a huge difference.  It changes my perspective, my mood, and my ability to focus and align my priorities in the middle of all the crazy.

We all know we should breathe, but I don’t think we realize how often we miss the calm that comes when we focus on breathing, gratitude and releasing the stress of the things we can’t control.  It’s a lot like praying and can incorporate prayer, but with more focus on noticing and relaxing your physical body.  It can take as little as a minute and can be done anywhere you are.

This small practice can make a huge difference in the course of your day.

If this is a practice you already incorporate, let it be a reminder to take time to breathe in the peace that is readily available throughout the day.

If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to try it out right now.

Sit still, right were you are.  Close your eyes and breathe.  Focus on your breath.   Notice how your body feels.  Validate the crazy that’s going on around you.  It’s there and it’s not going away, but it’s not yours to carry.  Breathe in a long deep breathe and let it fill your lungs.   Be grateful for the breath and the peace it brings.  As you exhale, trust that you have all you need to get through this day.   Inhale and know you’re doing your part and ultimately what is meant to be will happen. It will work out for your good, if you let it. Breathe out the crazy, let it all go as you exhale.  Breathe in peace.

Open your eyes and keep breathing.

You’ve got this.

to more love,


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