Beyond the surface

If you missed the video I took this screenshot from, you missed a barrel of laughs.  At least we were laughing a lot.  I actually tried to capture us laughing even harder, but apparently ruckus laughter while trying to hold a phone still for a live video don’t pair well together for a clear, focused image.  Who knew!  I wanted to share this moment with you even though the image isn’t the best, because we never thought to actually take a picture.  We were too busy “going live” and being EXCITED!  

But it’s a moment that represents the heart behind everything I do with HeartStories, so bear with me on the photo.  

Libba asked me several weeks ago if we could put a date on the calendar to get together just to catch up.  This rarely happens since life is moving so fast for both of us in this season.  Of course, I agreed.  We picked a date and in no time flat, that day arrived last week.  We laughed about it that morning as we hadn’t selected a meeting time or place, only reserved the spot on our calendars.

We were both excited to meet. 

We took care of our kids and families and then ran out the door to meet up for a quick bite to eat.  I kid you not, in less than an hour, we dove right in to what is real.  There were only a couple of moments of “small talk” before we were laying it all out there on the table, right in front of our poor server who wasn’t quite sure how to interject to ask us questions, because it was so obviously a deep conversation.  We laughed.  We cried. We both felt seen and loved.

Then just like that, it was time to go.  

Somehow, before we left, I wrangled her into making this live video with me about our upcoming GNO fashion show.  For 3 minutes we just laughed hysterically and acted like fools for the world to see.  Telling you over and over just how excited we were!  It was a great way to end a quick friendship catch-up.

But it was only one small moment of the whole experience. 

It’s easy to watch live videos on social media and believe that because it’s live, that’s the whole truth.  That life is really that easy and fun for other people, all of the time.  But it’s not.

That’s not the truth.

Just moments before this video was made we were talking about real life.  We were talking about the real pain, struggle and exhaustion of this season of life.  Of course we talked about the joys, all the good and beautiful things too.  But I’m telling you, this girl, she sees right through my eyes.  She knows when it’s all a cover up and she’s not afraid to ask the hard questions to take us to the core.  I do the same for her.

“A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes when everyone else believes the smile on your face.” ~ unknown

As you start your week, look beyond the smiles on your friend’s faces.  Look into their eyes and really see them.  See and celebrate the joy, for sure!  But see beyond it too.  Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Be the kind of friend who’s there for all of it, not just the easy stuff.  

Show up when everyone else is bowing out.

See beyond the surface and do something about what you see.

Stay close to the friends who do the same for you.

Those are your people.

to more love,


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