Before you’re ready

Over the weekend, we’d set aside some time to simply “be” together as a family.  Life has been super full for Scott and I lately, so we put some boundaries around time for just the four of us.  It was tempting to veg out around the house, rest, and not do much.  But we decided instead to pile in the car to go get lunch.  It was cold and loud in the restaurant so we sat outside at some little picnic tables.  While we were eating, we were discussing what else we could do that would be fun for everyone.

There were many ideas, but not a lot of agreement. 

Hiking, fossil hunting, wakeboarding, (videogaming!), nerf wars, and card games were among some of the ideas.  For one reason or another, they were all ruled out one by one.  The consensus was that no matter what we were going to do, we’d need to go home and change first.  But my mama-radar knew that if we went home, it would be HARD to get everyone loaded back in the car.  I had an “errand” to run, stopping by to quickly lay eyes on a possible new venue for GNO.  I knew I’d get groans and complaining about “working on the weekend”. . . blah, blah, blah.  But I also knew we were only about 5 minutes away and it would give us time to game plan about what activity we wanted to do together.

Without getting much buy-in, we did the thing that made Mama happy.

While we were circling the lot to drive away, we noticed a beautiful creek behind the building.  It had silver rocky shores and beautifully clear rushing water.  We’d never noticed it before.  It looked like there was a walking trail beside it.  There was a momentary chatter about shoes and clothes, but we (almost) unanimously decided we’d try to find that path.  Thank God for google maps. We drove around until we found a place to park near a little rock trail leading down to the path.

We kicked off our shoes and headed off on our adventure. 

As soon as we got down to the water, the boys were in hog heaven, and so was I. It was a stunning, wide-open stream with a shallow, smooth rock bed.  All thoughts of couch-sitting instantly vanished into rock skipping, leaf-racing, raft building, tool crafting, and cold water splashing.  We found all sorts of cool fossils, watched fish slide down waterfalls, and birds pluck them out from the shallow rocks on their journey.  When we finally decided to leave to head home, we were soaking wet, with no towels or change of clothes in sight . . . and it was perfect.  Our little lunch date turned into a fun family adventure that we couldn’t have planned because we didn’t even know it was possible.

When your heart is longing for adventure, connection, and a life beyond the mundane, pay attention to your instincts.  

Sometimes it might mean simply taking the next step without knowing exactly where it will lead.  Sometimes it might lead you places you’ve never been, places that are scary and uncomfortable.  Sometimes you’ll have to say yes far before you see the path, or are sure of the outcome.  Sometimes it’s long before you have buy-in from others around you.

Almost always, it’s before you’re ready.

Do it anyway.

The adventure of “yes” is calling you today. 

Oh, the life you’ll miss if you choose to stay comfortable in the safety of “no”.

Do the thing.

We need you.

to more love,


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