Beauty is there

We went on a 4th grade field trip yesterday, which was a little hard to do the first day back from Spring Break.  Especially when your to-do list is longer than a first grader’s Christmas list.

But it turned out to be such a gift. 

Just as soon as I got settled into my seat on the bus, there was a realization that the available seats had been miscounted and a few mamas would need to drive separately to make room for all the kiddos.  *hand immediately raised*  I kissed my little punkin’, whisked up my things, and floated right back down those bus stairs.

Once at the bottom, we assembled a group of  mamas. 

Karin, who drives a nice large SUV volunteered to host us in her car, so we all piled in.  One of the mamas was new to our school this year and the rest of us don’t see each other often enough, so we quickly jumped into conversation.  That 45 minute drive felt like five, while we caught up on each other’s lives and got to know our new friend’s story.

This trip wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

On arrival, we started our tour in the planetarium, all lined up in comfortable recliners next to our kiddos.  Our guide was sure to tell us the most important rule, for the parents, was to NOT fall asleep (he would be keeping an eye on us).  But then we reclined our seats all the way back, the lights went down, and the music started and . . . I fell asleep . . . just for a little minute . . . before waking up to some fascinating facts about the carbon cycle and how hurricanes are formed.

Next up, the science lab experience. 

The college students leading the charge were creating all sorts of bubbling gook, lighting things on fire, and filling the floor with the cool smoke of liquid nitrogen.  Meanwhile, due to a an overflow situation with the seats, a few of us mamas were standing/crouching in the back.  Luckily, right about the time I thought I was straight-up having a hot flash, we realized we were standing under some intense spotlights just above our heads, and shared a snort-laugh about the irony.

I snapped this pic commemorating the moment.  

Shortly afterwards, my friend Libba and I whispered about a mutual connection, who could quite possibly help create a shift in HeartStories that I have been earnestly searching for.  Then on the car ride home we ended up sharing stories about how we met our husbands, what’s really going on in our lives, and other wonderful things.  Instead of pulling into the parking lot exhausted, dreaming of a nap, I was filled up and ready to face the world at 3:30 pm (& let’s just say that’s a rarity for this early riser!).

Life can be so beautiful when things don’t turn out the way we imagined they would.    

It was a field trip the day after Spring Break, there weren’t enough seats on the bus, and there weren’t enough seats in the science lab, but it all turned out so much better than I could have hoped for.

I know there are things in your life today that aren’t turning out quite the way you were hoping. 

Don’t despair.  Keep showing up.  There is beauty waiting to emerge if you’ll just keep going.  It may not be what you were expecting.

It might not look the way you were hoping.  

It might be a beautiful conversation that helps you feel not so alone.  It might lead to a shift in your work you weren’t expecting.  It might be making you stronger in ways you don’t even know you need yet.

But it’s there.

Keep your heart and your eyes open.

Beauty is there. 

to more love,


P.S. If you want some fun practice seeing the beauty in others, join us at our “Let’s Get Together GNO”.  It’s a girls night about Beauty Routines and all the funny things we can commiserate about together as women from all different cultures.  I hope to see you there.

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