Be first

Be first

We live in a world where everyone wants to be first.  

We want to be first in line, first to shop the sale, first to hear breaking news, first to know the ending to the story, first to get a raise, first to pick, first to get picked, and on and on . . .

When it comes to being first, we’re often in a hurry.  

What’s interesting though, is when it comes to certain things, we avoid being first like the plaque.  When it comes to things that require vulnerability or humility we instantly shy away.   We don’t line up for those kinds of firsts.

But what if we did?

What if today, we each decided to practice being first at a few things that don’t seem quite as fun?

At least not, at first.

Today, try being first to look up from your screen and make eye contact, in the elevator, in line at the bank, or at the grocery store.

Be first to say Hello.   

Be first to say something nice, when everyone else is tearing down.

Be first to admit you were wrong.  First to say you’re sorry.  First to forgive.

Be first to love anyway.

If you want to change the world, you have to be first.

To more love,


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