Asking for what you need

Laughter is the best medicine ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

I don’t know who to give photo cred. to for this fabulous pic.  But thank you.  Thank you, whoever you are.

I was laying in bed the other night, exhausted, about to turn out the light, when suddenly a notification illuminated my phone.  I took a small peek out of the corner of one eye and whatdoyaknow!  I was still scrolling Facebook an hour later.

But this time was different. 

I didn’t find myself reading random news stories with catchy titles that left me dying to know what happened next.  Nope.  It was one post – with nine million comments that kept me there.  I was laughing hysterically, with tears running down my face, semi-choking, trying not to wake up Scott, who was sleeping so peacefully next to me.

Somehow a while back, I found this fabulous group of Frisco moms who just show up to help each other every day.  That notification was one of my friends responding to this desperate plea for memes: “You guys. I come to you with an emergency. Today BROKE ME. Adulting SUCKS.  I need memes. I need to see some funny pee-my-pants memes. I don’t need to be inspired. I need to LAUGH.”   I love this for so many reasons, but mostly because what she needed in that moment seemed to be exactly what the whole group needed.

Even though we were all in our homes alone, we were all laughing, together.  

The meme above was one of the more mild shares, but it still made me laugh so hard.  Possibly because, right at that moment, I was feeling like the Mommy on the right.  I felt so understood.

I instantly felt less alone.

Something beautiful happens when we open our lives up to share them with others, even the tired and worn out parts.  It helps us all feel less alone.  Something even more amazing happens when we ask for what we need.

Sometimes we actually get it.  

Being a good friend sometimes looks like posting ridiculous memes to a group of tired mamas who need a laugh.  A big part of getting what you need happens when you take ownership of asking for it.  Remember in school, how the teachers always said, “If you have a question, always ask.  You’re probably not the only one.”  

That’s true in grown-up life too.

If you ask for what you need, you’ll often realize you weren’t the only one.

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