As long as it takes

Don't quit.  As long as it takes.When I left my job to start HeartStories, I didn’t really think much about how long it might take.   In fact, I thought because everyone agreed it was such a needed concept, it might not take very long at all.

How long is not very long anyway?

An interesting fact about me is that before I got into sales, I renovated homes as investments.  And when I say “I renovated homes“, I actually mean, I did it.  I tore out sheet rock, 50 year-old tile and nasty shag carpet.  I painted, I tiled, dremeled and sprayed texture.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to do it.  

I bought how-to books (yes, real books) on everything from real estate investing to laying tile.  I followed the step by step plan.  I knew about the expected amount of time it might take and for the most part, I was right on target.

But this? this was totally different.  

There was no outline, no how-to book, on how to create a HeartStories.  Oh there are books on how to start a business.  You can find business plan templates by the hundreds on Google.  There are online courses and consultants galore.  For the right amount of money, you can hire someone to teach you anything and create just about anything for you.

You can watch Shark Tank until you’re blue in the face.

You can learn every tiny little thing you ever wanted to know about starting a business, before you file a single paper with the state.

But there are things no one can teach you. 

There are things you have to learn on your own.  Like, where your breaking point is.   How far are you willing to go?  What are you willing to let go of along the way?  Which dreams will have to wait their turn?

How long are you willing to wait?

What I’ve learned, is that it all depends on what you’re waiting for.

If your aim is to sell 100,000 widgets in the first 12 months to turn a profit, to stay in the game, that’s one thing.   It’s pretty simple to plan and project it.  It’s clear how to enter it into a spreadsheet and measure it.

If your goal is consistently shifting women’s minds, hearts, and behavior, in order to create significant improvement in the world, that’s something else all together.

It’s not about projecting time to profitability from day one.

It’s about cultivating soil.  It’s about consistently planting and watering in the spring.  It’s about staying out in the sunshine and keeping the weeds away.

It’s about showing up.   Doing the work.  Creating the art.  

It’s about not giving up.

How long will it take?

Wouldn’t that be nice to know!

Sometimes I think it would and other times, I know it would ruin the journey to create it.   It would foil all the learning, the trust and the creative process.

What I know is, I’m determined to give it as long as it takes.

I have a measurable plan for some parts of the process now.  I’m excited that there is still so much left unwritten.   I’m committed to the journey,

What about you?

How long are you willing to wait for the dream you’ve set your heart on?  

Whether it’s a relationship, a job, a child, restored health, or a new business like mine, I bet it’s taking longer than you expected.  I’m guessing you might be discouraged.

Please don’t give up.

Don’t give up on a dream that’s emblazoned in your heart.

I have no idea what tomorrow might hold, but I believe with my whole heart that the journey will be worth it.

Will you change direction?  No doubt!

But don’t quit.

You might learn something tomorrow that will change your heart.  One little sprout might emerge that could change the course of history.

Don’t turn around and miss it.

We’re counting on you to keep believing, as long it takes.

To more love,





  1. You know, I always need to be reminded to not give up too early. To keep at it.
    You will never know how much I appreciate every word you write, every smile you give and every hug you share. I mean it, thank you. I need the push!

    Love you sweet friend!

    1. Oh! I’m so glad to hear it Toni! I want to be that extra push.
      Love you too!

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