A new way

Plan A

Last night, my sister and I coordinated a last-minute and long overdue get-together for our 4 boys.   We quickly packed up our things and I drove them 25 minutes over to her house.  We unloaded their things and off they went to play in the back yard while Kim and I stood in the driveway talking.

I shared my plans of early bedtime and sleeping in late.  

We hugged and I turned to leave, only to find my keys still sitting on the dash and all the doors locked.  Being the MacGuyver that I am, always ready with plan B, I asked for a hanger and proceeded to unravel it.  I tried unsuccessfully to insert it around the edges of the glass and the door before giving up.  Heading on to plan C, I said, “If I can borrow your truck, I’ll just run home to get the spare key.”  To which they questioned my confidence in the location of said key. But I confidently assured them that it never leaves it’s little nesting place.

I’d be right back in no time.

I hopped in the driver’s seat and headed on my merry way. . . only to see a warning light notifying me of “low fuel level”. Without a wallet or any cash, it was instantly clear that I needed to head back to their house to get some fund to refuel the tank.

Activate plan “D”

Upon arriving home, I went straight to that little key’s nesting place and alas, it wasn’t there.  I searched and searched, to no avail.  Moving right along to plan “E”. . . I called a locksmith.  They quoted me a surprisingly reasonable rate, so I eagerly agreed to meet back at my sister’s house ASAP.   He arrived in a decent amount of time only to tell me that my particular car is, of course, the hardest to open and that would triple the rate.

Plan F.

We ended up getting into the car and I eventually drove home . . . only to plop into bed at my usual bedtime.  It certainly wasn’t plan “A”, but it turned out just fine.  In fact, on every leg of my drive, I was provided an extra 25 minutes to connect with a friend by phone or listen to some sort of music that calmed me or lifted my spirit.  I went to bed feeling oddly satisfied.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and even our simplest of plans can turn to chaos before our eyes. 

If you find yourself stuck today, lamenting the diversion from your plan “A”, be reminded that there is hope.  There really is.  Yes, it will probably be harder than you planned.  Yes, you might second guess your ability, or your stamina to continue.  Just take that very next step and look for the opportunity.

Don’t keep looking back, longing for plan “A”, when plan “B” is waiting just around the bend.  

The journey is expanding your capacity to find new solutions.  Lean into it, take that next step, and you’ll find another way.

You never know who is watching and waiting to follow.

to more love,


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