A mental vacation

If you’ve read my blog this week, you’ve probably noticed that I’m on vacation.  While I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been thinking that vacations aren’t exactly what they used to be.  With the rise of our ever-connectedness via modern technology, we can work from anywhere at anytime.  Oh the joy of it!

But I’m not really sure it’s bringing us the joy we imagined.

I took a nap today.  Maybe for the first time all year.  I sat down on the bed, picked up my laptop to work and promptly decided to close it, put in earplugs and go to sleep.  I completely checked out.  (I set an alarm and everything!)

I had to choose to take a mental vacation, even while on vacation.  

Sounds ridiculous, but it was so good.  I woke up a little lighter and happier than before.  It felt like a weight was lifted.  I could go play or get to work, either way would be just fine.

I know you’re running like crazy too.

So as simple as it is, I thought I’d just pop in today to encourage you to find the time to take a little mental vacation.  You don’t have to be at the beach to close your eyes.  Set a little timer if you must and give yourself a little break this weekend.

Everything will still be there when you get back.

It’s so incredibly important and healthy, yet so easy to rush past.  Rest your mind and your heart.  Let a little bit of that weight you’re carrying be lifted.

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