A life without love

It’s been a HUGE last seven days for Team HeartStories, and me.  “Event week” is always super busy as we pick up steam to pull together and tie up all the loose ends, but this past week was exceptionally huge.  Our venture to try out live streaming the live GNO event to those who wanted to enjoy the experience along with us at home, added to the “normal” pressure that comes with hosting a sold-out event was more than any of us had anticipated.  It meant (very) late nights and incredibly full days of trying to squeeze it all in before Thursday night, but we pulled together and we did it!

We made it across the finish line. 

Certainly not without more than our fair share of hiccups and blunders, but we did it and the reviews were exactly what we hoped for; the ladies felt loved and honored.  They had a great time laughing with friends.  They were encouraged and inspired.  Most of all, they were spurred on, to get out of their comfort zones to do the things that they feel called to do, knowing full well that the road will not be easy.  That most likely it will be hard.  But that in the end, it’s why we’re all here.

That’s what makes it all worth it.  

There will be so much more to share from the evening soon.  Today, I want to focus on a very special time we shared together as a team over the weekend.  We gathered for our first-ever Team HeartStories Galentine’s Brunch – team appreciation party.  I always dream of doing incredible things to spoil our team, who work so hard day-in and day-out (all of them as a side-hustle), to make this vision for women a reality each month.  But with the pace putting on a monthly event of this magnitude and tiny budget of a start-up in the early stages of scale, I’ve let it sit way out in the distant dream land as sometime we will do “someday”.

Until this year.

I was determined to make it happen.  In my mind, I planned to throw a fun GNO Holiday party for just our staff.  Then, over the holidays with our first no-show GNO Featured Guest and a venue change,  I felt completely covered up with all the things to do.  I talked with Beth, our event planner, and she assured me we should get through the holidays and then plan our party.  I agreed.

That additional “space” felt like a life preserver. 

As life often does, it brought with it unforeseen changes, like realizing in early January that we sold out of tickets to this February GNO THREE weeks in advance. While that’s a wonderful sign for the business, it feels a little more “exclusive” than the atmosphere we’re trying to create.  As a result, I immediately jumped to work on options to live stream the event, which proved to be a huge undertaking.  Additionally, we had unforseen on-site venue changes that required much additional time and energy.  Meanwhile, in the middle of all of that, Beth and I were making all the plans for a fabulous “Galentines Brunch” as our HeartStories Team appreciation party.  It seemed insane, like the load was too much to bear all at once.  But it all came together so beautifully.  You know why?

Because we called on our sisters.

We collaborated with our sponsors to put the brunch on as a “Styled Shoot” with Vanessa there to capture all the love in photos for all to share, and grow the reach of their audiences.  Each of them did what they do best, from the event design, stunning florals, and fabulous brunch to wine, cookies, balloons, macarons, and the personalized gifts complete with skincare and bath and body products.

It was THE most beautiful party I’ve ever seen. 

The decor, the food, the gift baskets (above), and most of all, the beautiful faces of the women on our team feeling loved and appreciated.  Beth brought the sign pictured above that read: “A life without love is no life at all.” And when I read it, it said exactly what my heart felt.

Yes, I was tired. 

Yes, it was the third event I hosted in three straight days.  Yes, it seemed crazy.  But I show love by creating experiences that bring joy and love into the lives of others.  And love?

It’s what life is all about.  

I encourage you today, to stretch beyond your comfort zone this week to show the ones you love, just how much you love them.  I know you’re busy.  I know you’re tired.  I know it’s a fabricated holiday, but you’re a grown up who can choose to make the most of it.  Write a letter, make a video, make a special meal, or host an impromptu gathering for the ones you love.

Do the thing you do best for the ones you love.

A life without love, is no life at all.

to more love,


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