A life of community

These two clearly found their “happy place” on Thursday night.  They were in the zen zone with their soft peaceful smiles and Lotus poses.  But the best part is that these two beauties are hugely responsible for creating that “zen zone”.  This is Lauren Sorden and Beth DiCarlo.  They own Blue Posy Floral Design and Joyful Day Event Planning here in Frisco.   Two years ago, when I started the HeartStories GNO events, I didn’t know either of them.

Today, I count them as two of my dearest and most treasured friends.  

I reached out to them individually about a year and a half ago.  I was a complete stranger, asking if they’d be open to join me on this journey to reconnect busy women to inspire the joy they crave and the courage to pursue their purpose.  They had every reason to say no.  They had every reason to see me as another, in a long line of people, just looking for a handout.  But they didn’t.  They saw the vision.

They believed in the dream.

They’ve both been slogging it out with me every Girls Night Out since.  Through insane wedding seasons, pregnancies, child care snafus, traveling husbands, and even kids throwing up on the way to GNO, these girls have hung with me.  They’ve stuck with us, with our HeartStories community.  With Beth designing the event decor from Big D Party Rentals, and Lauren arranging and providing the stunning floral arrangements, they create a space that is unique, peaceful and uplifting, month after month after month.  Girls Night Out would be an entirely different experience without them.

The peace and joy in this image doesn’t come from a life without stress.

It comes from a life of community.  It comes from a life of generosity.  It comes from knowing you have sisters that have your back.  It comes from sharing the journey, no matter how stressful, with other women who believe in your dreams alongside you.

Find them.

Honor them.

Support them. 

Be them.

to more love,


P.S.  So grateful for this gorgeous image by Katie, with Katherine Gail Photography, who adds another to the ranks of our local Frisco, TX women who see the vision and generously join the journey!

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