A dream, despite the fog


The fog was heavy while we were driving home from church yesterday.  We joked about how mysterious it felt outside, like we were Scooby and the gang, in the mystery machine.  Fog like this is unusual in Dallas.  We couldn’t see the tops of buildings, street lights or signs.  If we weren’t very familiar with the route, it would’ve been difficult to navigate.

That’s the thing about fog.

It distorts our vision.  It confuses our perception.  It doesn’t actually change the landscape, but it can easily hide reality.

It will paralyze you, if you let it.

You can sit still, waiting to make a move until it lifts.  OR you can stand up and head in the direction you know is right, whether or not the path is clear.  Even despite impending danger.

That’s exactly what Dr. King did.

Sure, it was foggy.  There were so many who still couldn’t clearly see the value and equality of all humanity.  Walking in the right direction was wrought with danger.  No doubt it was lonely, hard, and scary.  But Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood up led us straight ahead anyway.

When that civil rights fog lifted, it was his vision and leadership that had changed our world.  

As you honor him today, remember how he led so courageously, right through the fog.  Be encouraged by the way he knew the right direction and trusted the vision in his heart to get us there.  Follow his example and keep walking, even if much of the world chooses to stay blinded beneath the fog, too afraid to stand.

Dream of what could be, despite all that is.  

Do what is right, even and especially, when it’s hard and the path is unclear.

Stand up and lead.  

We need you.

to more love,



  1. Powerful!!!

    1. Thank you Dad! Love you!

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