A better story yet

When I left my sales career to start HeartStories in 2012, I had NO idea what this road would be like.  I had my sights set on creating an explosive movement of women turning toward each other, to live life with more connection and less shame.  I set out to make life more meaningful and more fun for women stuck in the rat race of daily life.  It was going to be a no-brainer, right?!

I wasn’t expecting the struggle. 

The endless hours of work, all the pain and the strain caught me by surprise.  It was not because I hadn’t heard it would be hard.  I read more than 10 books, that first year alone, about starting a business and making change that mattered.  It wasn’t because I had my head buried in the sand.  I hired coaches and consultants out the wazoo.  It was because no one can prepare you for what’s next.  Much like a newlywed with starry eyes in pre-marital counseling, I was looking at the future through rose-colored glasses.

Some things in life are only learned in the fire. 

You can read all the books.  You can listen to all the podcasts.  You can hire every coach there ever was.  Until you live it, walk it out on the regular, you simply cannot know how it will go.  You can’t know where the path will lead until you travel it.  You can’t know what you’d do without a certain income, certain things, or certain people, until they are gone.  Sometimes you have to lose it all, to find what you were looking for.

When you let go of your death-grip on everything you thought was important, you free your heart and your hands to embrace an even better story.

“You can lose it all – all the things you thought mattered most – and rise up to tell a better story yet.  Turn it loose.” ~ Jen Hatmaker, Interrupted

There is a better story for you yet.

to more love,


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