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Victoria Prozan | HeartStories Play your songIf you play a beautiful song for two people or a thousand, it’s the same song. The amount of thanks you receive isn’t part of that song. The connection that comes after the art is appreciated, lasts far longer than applause ever could.    ~ Seth Godin

My friend Victoria Prozan was a huge help to me when HeartStories was just a concept in my mind and I was trying to come up with the words to express it. Victoria is a creative genius. She has channelled her inner mojo and has practiced expressing it, vulnerably and more often, than almost anyone I know.

Last year, after a huge rebrand of her business she got a letter, letting her know she might be sued for copyright infringement. She’d chosen a name that was remotely similar to one another company was using.

It was an incredibly difficult time for her.

She’d devoted months to developing all of the new content, logo, branding, and collateral.  She had vulnerably created countless videos, articles, and emails using the supposed copyright infringed name.

All at once, it had to come tumbling down.

As you can imagine it was a huge blow.   It temporarily knocked the wind out of her.  It pulled the rug out from under all her planning, creativity and excitement.

It left her there, to start over, to rediscover her purpose in this season of her life.

Victoria has wrestled the inner stories.   She’s fought the resistence, trying to hold her back.  She’s refused the lure of safety, trying to keep her from wholeheartedly showing up in the world.

She’s completely rebranded again.

This time it’s even more vulnerable.  She’s completely changed markets.  She’s no longer serving business owners, but instead focused on helping individuals show up to fully express themselves in the world.

It’s beautiful.

She’s showing up every single day to play her beautiful song.  Of course, she’d love to connect with thousands and change them for the better.  But she’s decided it’s more important to show up for the two, the 10, or the 20 who need to hear her song . . . and play.

Applause isn’t what she’s looking for.

She’s looking for connection.  She’s looking to show up and connect with the people who need to hear her song.

That’s all.

Victoria’s courage, vulnerability and love have inspired me so deeply over the last few years.  It’s not an easy road for her, to say the least.  Yet, she’s boldly going in the direction of her heart, regardless of the applause.  She’s on the path to reaping connection and impact in the lives of others as a result.

I want to do more of that.

We all need to do more of that.

What would happen if you boldly showed up everyday to play your song without regard for the instant applause of others?

What might happen if you did it simply because you are meant to play your song?

It would be hard.  It would be scary.  It would cause intense inner reflection and strength.

It would change you.

It would change us.

We need you to play.  Play your song.   Play it boldly.  Play it loud.

And please, keep playing, even if we don’t applaud.   Our applause isn’t the reason you play.   If you’ll just keep playing, you’ll connect with us, the ones who need your song the most.

Play your song today.

To more love,


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