50 years of grace

Last night we Masteller sisters had the honor of celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.   They cut the replica cake.  We all shared stories of our memories of life together.  And they shared some of the wisdom they’ve picked up along the way.

They shared a lot about grace.  

They spoke about God’s grace as the only true explanation for them staying together for 50 years.  They shared about the importance receiving grace for yourself and offering grace freely to others.  They concluded that what has brought them through 50 years together is grace, paired with a thankful heart, the determination to always forgive, and the resolution that quitting is not an option.

What a beautiful example for all of us, and our children.

It’s a timely reminder for me, and maybe for you too, that most relationships don’t last because some people are better than others.  They don’t last because some people were dealt a better hand.   They last because both people showed up with of a mix of gratitude, grace, the determination to forgive and the decision to never quit.

No matter the state of your relationships, marriage or not, these lessons hold true for all of life.   

Doing your part in any kind of relationship requires you to stay grateful, show grace, forgive and determine to never quit.  Even when you miss the mark, if you get back up again, and do those things consistently, you’ll be free to release the outcome.  You can’t control other people, but you can become a person of grace who simply will not quit.

You can live all your years with grace.  

One day you too, might be amazed when you look back and see where 50 years of grace has taken you.

to more love,



  1. Precious couple, family and words! Thank you for the taking the time to put this together so beautifully and share! 💕 The Mastellar’s rock! Love becca and Steve

  2. What a wonderful gift you four sisters have! An example of Christs love ❤️ in your Mom and Dad!!! I’ll always remember how they took us all to Mexico to celebrate Kim, Paige, and my nursing degree. They treated me like I was one of their own girls! God bless them with many many more years of love. Praise God!

    1. Hi Lynne! So good to hear from you girl! Yes! We sure do. What a gift! Thank you!!

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