Welcome to HeartStories!

Hi there!

I’d like to welcome you to our new “home” in the world.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve been anticipating this and thinking about you for quite some time, wondering who you are, how to meet you where you are, and how to give you resources you will want to use.

 I’ve thought about your life, your hurts and your joys.

Do you have a place to be yourself, your real self?

Do you invest in your fall-back friends and make them a priority in your life?

Do they with you?

Who do you call when you’re at your lowest low and your highest high?

Are you content with the soundtrack that plays in your mind, or deep down, do you wish it was different?

Do you want to have fun or be deep and reflective? (Don’t worry, we’re going to do both.)

Will you believe us when we tell you there’s hope for something better or will you just stand back to wait and see? Or do you even care?

The entire HeartStories team cares deeply about you and creating something that will connect you to a truer, better story.   We’ve been considering all your possible answers to the above questions and we can’t wait to finally find out the answers!

Join the Conversation

Will you join the conversation and share an answer to one of my above questions in the comments below?

 I’d love to hear!

 This is about you.  It’s about me.  It’s about our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends.  It’s about all of us.  And it’s time for a new story!

 Let’s create one together,


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HeartStories’ Chief Love Amplifier

P. S.  I’ll share a couple of answers first to get us started…

My closest friends and I don’t invest in each other the way we should.  Most often, we let the busyness of our lives steal away the time that should be given to each other.

I am a fun seeker!  But, I have learned the value of the reflective side of me and I’m trying to get more comfortable there.

P. P. S.  Your turn! I’m looking forward to learning more about you in the comments.

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