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Keep calm and do something.

Have you ever dropped your coffee and found yourself standing there, doing nothing, watching it pour out?

I was working with Brittany last week, refining our new Love Agent (ambassadors) and intern processes. We were diving into the nitty gritty, hammering out all the details. We’re getting everything ready behind the scenes to open our new marketplace to bring you incredible products, that give back, from the heart stories of beautiful female social entrepreneurs.  It’s so exciting and yet, there’s still a lot to do in a short amount of time.  

The more we talked, the more I could feel myself wanting to throw in the towel and go take a nap.

Not kidding.

As a kid, I napped when I was stressed or upset and it’s still my go-to as an adult, if I allow it.  

Sometimes, there’s so much to do that it feels overwhelming. Then it starts …

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