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Life is hard, it’s okay to rest

We’ve already hit the school-year-stride with loads of homework, rushed meals, racing to practices and early bedtimes that remind me just how quickly these days and years pass.  But last night, I needed to make a quick stop at the storage unit on the way home from football.  When we pulled into the parking lot, this one said he wanted to rest.

“Can I lay down right here next to the car on the ground mom?” 


“Can I lay down on the roof?  I’m just really tired and I want to lay down flat.”

I guess so.  We have a back seat, you know.

“The roof is better. “


So that’s where he perched while I ran in to quickly get a count.  When I returned, he wanted to talk all about the moon.  He was fascinated by the way it looked like it was exactly half of a circle.  He could see …

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Building in a pause

Scott has a speaking engagement in New York tonight, so I tagged along to enjoy the fringe benies of his travel.  As always, it was a bit nutty getting everything squared away on the home front, make it to the airport in rush hour traffic in time to check the bags and stand in an enormous (& notoriously slow) security line to get to the gate.  By the time we got our halfway naked selves through security and gathered all our scattered belongings, we noticed the two big signs above the benches just ahead:

“Repack and Redress Here”

We had a good laugh about the fact that we’ve become so accustomed to the strip down shenanigans of the airport security checkpoint that we welcome a sign to tell us where to go to gather personal items and put clothes back on.  It was a much-needed comedic break from the stress of the previous couple of hours.

We …

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Margin for connection

Have you ever done this?  It’s a saltwater float tank.  They’re popping up around town and I’m starting to think I need to go visit them because truly, doesn’t this woman look peaceful?  I mean when was the last time you sat completely still, with no distractions, no texts, no electronics, and no book to stimulate your mind, for 60 straight minutes? (no. sleeping doesn’t count.)

It’s been a while for me. . . like so long I can’t remember. 

I had 30 minutes of unexpected reflection time, all to myself yesterday.  But it looked a little different from the girl above.  It looked more like this:

That’s right.  The steak we fed my sweet big girl pup Hartley on Easter?  It came back to visit us in the night all over the floor in Oakley’s room.  I don’t think it was “the best part of waking up” that Foldger’s had in mind in …

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