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The gift of laughter

When was the last time you let yourself laugh so hard those sneaky little tears rolled down the sides of your cheeks?  When we were kids we would let ourselves laugh hard and often.  But now that we’re all grown up, life seems so much more serious.   Even when things are hilariously funny, we’ve learned to contain our laughter.  We intentionally keep it under our breath.  Especially if you’re a cackeler like me. (Thank you Grandma!)

But laughter is healing to our bodies and our souls.  

Because of that, I’ve been looking forward to this morning for weeks!  I’m heading out to meet up with some girlfriends and Claire Billingsley, our featured guest for next weeks Laughter Yoga Girls Night Out.    We’re going to do a little mini session of laughter yoga live on our HeartStories Facebook page.  No doubt we will be sharing the gift of laughter to …

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If I was there

A long time ago, I bought one of those record a story books at the grocery store.  It’s simply called “If“. It’s been sitting on a shelf in my closet for a long time.  I bought it to record myself reading a story for the boys for times when I might be out-of-town or just out for the night.  I saw it yesterday and decided to record it.  Right then, right there.

Have you ever had one of those moments?

A moment that you felt compelled to do something right then, and didn’t know why.  It was one of those.  So I picked it up, read the directions and started recording.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the emotions that flooded me next.

I wish I was there.  I wish I was with you.  I want to play the games we play and do the things we do.

Think really hard, and imagine I’m there.  Imagine …

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Make it count

She was born today, 93 years ago.

My grandma, Thelma Nadine Vetter.

I will forever thank God for that day.

Grandma taught me so much about life in the times we had together.

Her life wasn’t an easy one, but she made the moments count.  

My Dad was born while Grandpa was away serving in World War II.  Times were tough for the family as Grandpa became ill and later died of MS.  Grandma drove a school bus to make ends meet.

What she couldn’t provide with money, she made up for in love.

She always focused on staying positive, being grateful, and loving on everyone she met.  She gave of herself and the little money she had generously.  She ever expected anything in return. 

Grandma was the sole parent to my Dad throughout his adult life.  It was difficult for him not having father to turn to for advice and council, but the impact she made on him …

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I got rolled

This was my office yesterday afternoon.

It’s not all that significant without the back story, but when I saw it I laughed my behind off!

Then my heart smiled.

Saturday night is date night for the Gorntos.  Almost every Saturday we have a sitter so Scott and I can go to dinner.  This past Saturday we had dinner with friends.  When we finished, we decided it was too early to go home and discussed the options of what to do next.  The idea that quickly gained momentum was to pick up toilet paper and go roll our friend’s house.  Yes, we are near 40 and THAT was an option.

So we did it.

My friend Melanie and I ran into the store to pick up toilet paper.  We left combusting in laughter with mascara tears running down our faces and moon and stars stockings on our heads.  Back in the car, our husbands were incredibly good sports, donning …

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