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It’s possible, not natural

It's possible, not natural ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

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I was about halfway through a two-hour drive, on a huge mixed lane highway Monday when suddenly, the car in front of me put on the brakes and the blinker.  Apparently she needed to get to the exit, which was four lanes over to the right.   I couldn’t pass on either side and no one was letting her over.  So she drove even slower.  Let’s just say I instantly got a little impatient.   I couldn’t believe someone would actually do this in the middle of the highway.   Then in that moment, I had a different thought.

I wonder what’s going on with her.

I wonder why she needs to get over this badly.  It was strange because I don’t typically have this much compassion while driving.  But when she finally got over and I was passing her on the left, I looked at her.  She was …

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The challenge is the choice

The challenge is the choice ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

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I’m the first to admit, I’m a little bit overprotective with my kids in some areas and probably a little under protective in others.  One of the things I’ve been quietly overprotective about is the Harry Potter book series.  But we’ve recently tiptoed into the mystical world created by JK Rowling.

If there’s something I love about the series, it’s the wise Professor Dumbledore.

Isn’t it interesting, how the protagonists in our stories always seem to meet a wise guide who whispers profound wisdom at just the right moment? In Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore is the wise guide. He doesn’t make Harry’s choices for him, but he always seems to be there, ready with wisdom and guidance at his precise moment of need.

In one particular moment, when Harry isn’t feeling confident about his ability, Dumbledore leans in to enlighten him,

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are.  It is …

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The only way to make a difference

Carly Burson, Tribe Alive & Crystal Gornto, HeartStories

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This weekend I had a chance to sit down with Carly Burson, the founder of Tribe Alive, at a little Girl’s Night Out get-together.

She made me laugh, and she made me cry.

Carly’s passion to see all women loving and supporting each other like family, like a Tribe, blows my mind.  She told stories of women in Honduras learning what it means to sister each other through the work of Tribe Alive.  She talked about the day one woman helped her see that outside of where we live and the opportunities we’ve been given, we’re really all the same.

As I listened to her stories, I couldn’t help but notice her strength.  

Carly’s mission is clear.  She’s bringing hope to the lives of women all over the world using the her strengths and abilities in the fashion world as her vehicle.  But her real strength is in the threads of …

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