Sip & Stretch GNO ~ Drunk Yoga®

For this joy-filled Girls Night Out, we’ve partnered with Eli Walker, the founder of Drunk Yoga, to turn yoga into a party to lift your spirits and empower you to uplift those around you.


Regardless of whether you’re a wine-lover, the social ritual of a happy hour brings us together in a deliberate way, no matter what’s in your glass. Yoga helps calm your mind, but it makes newbies feel nervous because it can be hard, awkward, vulnerable and, at times, a little pretentious.

This Sip & Stretch GNO ditches perfectionism and takes the pressure off by turning yoga into a party, through fun “yoga drinking games” like requiring a compliment each time you spill on your mat! It gives everyone permission to be themselves, interact, laugh and engage in real time. No yoga soldiers. Just yoga friends.

It’s a girls night yoga experience to combat loneliness, cultivate joy, and foster belonging complete with storytelling, a guided meditation and everything you need for a night of solid sisterhood.

The combination of bevies and yoga is for the sole purpose of lifting spirits (pun absolutely intended), turning yoga into an opportunity to socialize – and not at all for the sake of “doing yoga drunkenly.”  The only thing we want you to feel intoxicated with is joy.

Your Sip & Stretch GNO Includes:

      • Access to the virtual girls night
      • A printable PDF to guide you through the evening
      • Stories that Connect & Inspire
      • Drunk Yoga® Class led by Founder, Eli Walker

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