Let’s Get Lit GNO ~ Candle Pouring Workshop

Gather your girlfriends for Let’s Get Lit! GNO – a customized candle pouring class led by Paddywax Candle Bar. Enjoy a night to spark sisterhood with connection, candle pouring & loads of laughter!


There is something magically nostalgic about the power of fragrance and its connection to emotion and moments. In a world of hustle and bustle, light a candle, slow down, and set the tone in your life with Let’s Get Lit! GNO – a customized candle pouring class led by Paddywax Candle Bar.

You’ll leave this done-for-you girls night with a hand-poured candle (or maybe a few for personalized gifts), feeling lighter, more joyful, and refreshed in ways only candles & sisterhood can bring.

Your Let’s Get Lit! GNO ticket includes:

•  Access to a virtual candle pouring workshop at home – on your own, with your bestie or hosting a small group for a true Girls Night Out!

•  A downloadable Hostess Guide outlining everything you need to follow along

•  Stories that Connect & Inspire

•  Supplies & materials to pour an artisan Paddywax candle (shipped directly to you)

~  1 – 15 oz vessel

~  1 wick with safe extinguishing bases

~  1 wick wooden holder

~  1 sticky dot to secure your wicks to the base of your vessel

~  15 oz of 100% soy wax chips for melting

~  1.25 oz of fragrance oil

~  Easy-to-follow instructions

Purchase your candle pouring kits through Paddywax:

Single kit (tools not included*) – $30 each

Single kit (tools included) – $45 each

*For kits without tools, you will also need a melting pitcher, digital thermometer and heat source, such as stove top burner or hot plate to melt the candle wax for this event. Please see your Hostess Guide for links to our recommended products.

Please allow 7-10 business days for your candle making kit to ship.