Every Body GNO ~ a girls night to Rock Your Body image heartstories GNOAH, Girl’s Night Out at Home

August 6, 2020 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Online (and/or at a host home)

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This GNO is a mini-retreat to escape the grind and connect with girlfriends because joy cannot be quarantined!  


  • These days of juggling people, priorities, and ALL THE THINGS have been extra-tough and body positivity is NOT on the rise. 
  • To encourage #selflove, we’re bringing you a Girls Night In that will feel like a master class on embracing the skin you’re in.  #noshame
  • To top it all off, you’ll be inspired by our panel discussion filled with personal stories that will expand your understanding and empathy for life in your sister’s skin.
  • Through engaging activities and grown-up girlfriend conversations, this girls night will remind you that YOU ARE ENOUGH and you are NEVER ALONE. 

You’ll leave feeling reconnected, refreshed, and inspired to Rock Your Body & your friendships no matter what the rest of 2020 has in store!

Get My Ticket! (only $19)

Buy One Gift One! ($34)

Be A Host ($49)

Meet Your Girls Night Guides

Hey Girl, I’m Crystal.  In the busy, ever-changing seasons of your life, I believe with all my heart that consistent connection with girlfriends is what brings you the joy you crave and helps you replace the negative stories that can so easily hold you back. It empowers you to show up boldly, to live your one-and-only beautiful heart story.  

With more joy, more connection, more purpose, and a whole lot more fun!

I’m a wife and mother of two boys. I know what it’s like to rush through life on autopilot, losing touch with close friends, and the truth about yourself in little pieces along the way. I can’t sit back & watch beautiful, smart, talented women, like you, isolate yourselves from the very relationships that have the power to give you the most strength.

That’s why this GNO was born!

I blog to encourage your heart and I’m determined to create more fun, innovative ways for women to be all we’re meant to be and enjoy the journey together, despite our hectic lives.

This HeartStories GNO is just one of those ways.  


Hello, I’m Kaanji Irby, Executive Director & Co-founder of Embrace Action“As an anti-racism advocate and Black woman, I want to support women as we celebrate our diversity and understand that different doesn’t mean less than.”




Hello, I’m Stephanie Hanrahan, Write & Founder of Tinkles Her Pants“In order to unravel decades of culturally taught beauty, we’re going to have to start feeding our brains instead of malnourishing our bodies.”




Hello, I’m Vanessa Corral, Owner of Vanessa Corral Photography“Your most beautiful feature is your smile! Never lose your smile! Not only is it medicine for your soul, your smile can truly brighten someone’s day!! So powerful”




Hello, I’m Ruby Jaffrey. I am a calligraphy artist who specializes in Arabic script and modern Islamic Art. “Change the way you look at yourself instead of always looking to change yourself.”




Hello, I’m Alison Lumbatis, Founder of Get Your Pretty On and Outfit Formulas“Every woman deserves to have access to great style and dress the body she has NOW. You deserve to feel good in your clothes, even if it means you have just one pair of great fitting jeans. You don’t need to wait for some future number on a scale to give yourself permission.”






Hello, I’m Tammy Meinershagen, Executive Director of Frisco Arts. “It’s taken me until my adulthood to accept who I am on the outside and my hope is that I can be a better example to my girls of positive body and self image.”





Hello, I’m Natalie Tuman, Owner & Founder of My Think Fit“Our bodies are more than just our appearances…they are machines that are capable of amazingness. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike before you focus on taking care of YOU from the inside out!”



Get My Ticket! (only $19)

Buy One Gift One! ($34)

Be A Host ($49)

Grab your girlfriends

& join us for this done-for-you GNO at Home!

Just like any great girl’s night, you’ll enjoy laughter and a bevie of your choice, but you’ll wake up the next morning refreshed, with more clarity, feeling more connected, and inspired to be more intentional about becoming the woman you know you’re meant to be, with a tribe of women right by your side.

more joy.

more connection.

more purpose.

more fun.

You’re working your tail off to be the most amazing mother, wife, friend and contributor to this world you possibly can. And sometimes you feel discouraged when you can’t keep all those plates spinning as fast as you’d like, especially with ALL that is happening in the world.

Girl, it can be exhausting.

On top of that, as much as you’d love to set aside time with your girlfriends and feel like you’re investing something in yourself, who has the time (or energy) to plan & coordinate a virtual night out?

It’s easy for women like us to chalk it up to being a season of life we just have to endure. Like putting your dreams and

desires on the back burner is just part of the deal at this stage in the game.

But you know you’re meant for more.

We don’t believe you’re meant to simply endure any season of your life! And we won’t sit back and watch so many beautiful, smart, talented women continue to isolate themselves from very the relationships that have the power to give them the most strength. 

It’s time to bring more fun and meaningful connection back to THIS season of your life.

It’s entirely possible to live this crazy season with purpose and a lot more joy. But it all hinges on connection. We have to get reconnected to ourselves and our closest girlfriends, and have fun doing it!  That’s why we created a fresh new spin on a Girl’s Night Out ~ at Home.   

It’s like a mini-retreat in the middle of your week.

It’s not a typical GNO that will leave you feeling bad the next morning. And it’s not a networking event filled with surface conversations. It’s an experience where you’ll feel surrounded by friends, with huge hearts, who are passionate about figuring out what they’re meant to do in this world, and supporting each other in making it happen!

Today, you can draw a line in the sand to say, It’s time for me.

OR you can keep telling yourself, “It’s just a season” until you look back and realize. . .

It was your life.

If you want a fun break from the everyday routine that is your life, with girlfriends. . . get your ticket to Girls Night Out at Home!

Come join us for GNO at Home.

You’ll be glad you did.

Get My Ticket! (only $19)

Buy One Gift One! ($34)

Be A Host ($49)


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