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Choose your legacy

I don’t know how he does it, but my dad seems to make it to almost all of the boy’s ball games (& all their cousin’s games too!).  It doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine.  Inside or out.  Soccer, football or basketball.

When that whistle blows, he’s usually sitting on the sideline.

He’s an encourager.  Over all these years, he’s looked for the best in people and learned how to encourage them to see it too.  He notices even the smallest wins or minor improvements and celebrates them.  He sees what makes people special and he’s trained himself to find the opportunity to speak it.

Guess how he sees it?

He keeps showing up.  Game after game.  Weekend after weekend.  Eyeball to eyeball.  He’s paying attention.  He’s looking for the good.

It’s his lifeblood.

As we were driving away from a game this weekend, I was thinking about how special that is for our boys.  That over their …

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Priceless Moments


I’m a hustler.  I get up before the crack of dawn.  I can run with the best of them.  Give me a goal and I’ll blow it out of the water.

Every time.

But give me my son, asking me to help him with a creative school project.  Give me a Friday night movie with my fam on the couch. Give me ball games, a Saturday in the muddy creek with the boys, dinner with friends, snow skiing, summer in the mountains, time at the lake, a trip to the beach… and you’ll think this girl is a sloth.  I can laugh for days and sleep until noon.  I can’t get anything done.

It’s like a switch flips.

You can have Hustler Crystal or Vacation Crystal.  You have to choose one.  It’s almost impossible for those two girls to co-exist. (I’ve spent many hours of therapy around learning to …

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Wanna go for a joy ride?

Beachside bikes, vegan ‘hamburgers’, vintage furniture shopping and skate parks filled our weekend. You’d think we were hippies! But really, it was just a little side jaunt vacation.

This was clearly not our rental car.

Nope. We were in the neon-navy ford.  It’s just that I saw this van in the parking lot at the skate park and couldn’t help but make it a memory.  These young guys were happy as could be inside that groovy van.  They were all smiles as they played guitar from a mattress in the back.  They had sunshine, skate boards and a state park restroom.  Life was good, dude.

What more could they possibly need?!

Am I saying we should sell our stuff, buy a van, and peace pipe, and hit the road together?  Hardly.  But I am saying it’s about perspective.  It’s about living a life that feels joyful.  You never know . . .these guys could be …

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Value that can’t be measured

I want you to meet my friend Mimi.  We met because she was bold enough to reach out to me online and ask to meet.  She lives in Dallas and at the time had recently started a blog called Big Hearted.  There couldn’t be a better name for this one.  (She didn’t name it after herself, though.  She started it to tell the stories of companies with give-back, social missions.)  

We met for coffee and we became fast friends.

That was over a year ago and we’ve done a lot of fun (& hard) things together since then.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I really got to hear her “heartstory” from the beginning.   And it’s such a beautiful one.

She’s going to share it with us live at the HeartStories Girl’s Night Out on June 9th, but I wanted to share one little excerpt from with you.  

Mimi grew up in a very …

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