HeartStories Membership


A standing GNO, done for you.

To sign up, all you have to do is choose your payment plan:

(save 24%)

(save 34%)

(save 40%)

You’ve been attending our HeartStories GNOs and we know you’re busy. . .  and sometimes a little tired.  You’re running 90 to nothing and you want a break from your crazy life.  You don’t need a week-long trip to the South of France, although that would be nice.  You’d settle for a regularly scheduled time to sit across the table from some girlfriends who get you, and love you, just exactly the way you are.  

That’s exactly what we created. . .

One night to connect with like-minded women over a glass of wine, for authentic conversation sprinkled with laughter, and maybe a couple of tiny tears. 


But sometimes you’re even too busy to get yourself signed up.

You have dreams of your own, but you’re too busy to do anything about them.  At the end of the day, you’re not even sure you deserve it.  You wonder if it’s selfish for a women with so many other responsibilities.  Some days, you resign yourself to believing that this is all there is at this stage in the game.  

Sister, we hear ya.

We’ve all been there.  But we know we show up as our very best selves in the world, when we feel connected to a tribe of sisters who have our backs.  That’s exactly why we designed this Sisterhood.  

This is your invitation to join us.


We’ve done all the work.  We’ve created the format for you to meet face to face, once a month, with a community of supportive and encouraging sisters who totally have your back.  We provide the wine, food, fun and conversation starters, so all you have to do is show up.  

But even scheduling for that can be hard to keep up with.  

So now we’re offering a GNO membership program to make it even easier for you to invest in something to replenish yourself.  All you have to do is decide if you’d like save money (& earn perks!) through a monthly draft or get a bigger bang for your buck by knocking out the whole year in one transaction.  Then you can go about your busy life knowing exactly when you’re going to get your sister fix and where you’ll be the first Thursday of every month.


It’s that simple.  

If you want to make every first Thursday of the month a standing date with your sisters, to preserve your ever-loving sanity, this is the membership for you!


You can always decide to stay stuck in the same old groundhog day, believing the story that this is all there is.   

(and we’ll come looking for you one day. . . only to find you buried under a pile of laundry with your to-do list still firmly in your grip)

It’s totally up to you.  


To sign up, all you have to do is choose your payment plan:

(save 24%)

(save 34%)

(save 40%)



Sign up for Monthly Renewal today, & here’s what you’ll get: (in addition to all the ease & the savings!)

  • You can simply show up to any GNO of your choosing, no registration required!  
  • Text reminders leading up the events
  • “Founding Sister” designation
  • 6:00 Early Access & Champagne toast for every GNO along with various themed perks based on the programing for the night
  • Private “Members Only” meet & greet at 6:00 with our special guest speakers for the evening
  • $100 in $25 GNO gift codes to share with friends any way you choose
  • Personal Coupon Code to share with your friends to save them $10 off registrations (unlimited)
  • Opportunity to submit questions in advance for the special guest speakers Q & A session
  • Crest Auto Group VIP program – “No hassle” invoice pricing on any Cadillac, Infiniti, or Volvo ~offered exclusively to HeartStories GNO Sisters
  • Additional exclusive deals & discounts from our sponsors as we grow
  • More perks to come, including a ‘members only’ content section of our website and one-click GNO calendar subscription

Sign up for Quarterly Renewal, & you’ll also get: 

  • 1 additional free ticket (good for an entire year) to bring a friend along to any event you choose
  • An additional $50 in GNO gift credit ($25 increments) to share with friends any way you choose (total of $150!)

Sign up for Annual Renewal, & you’ll also get: 

  • 2 additional free tickets (good for an entire year) to bring a friend along to any event(s) you choose
  • An additional $100 in $25 GNO gift codes to share with friends any way you choose (total of $200!)

Anyone who registers using one of your free ticket codes will be able to attend the private pre-function activities with you at 6:00 pm.

** Memberships & tickets are fully transferable, but alas, not refundable.  So just in case you’re not able to join us one particular month, feel free to send a friend in your place! We’d love to meet her!