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Treasure today

My mom sent me this picture that showed up in her Facebook feed this week.  Pictures like this, coming in at a random time, have a way of stopping you right in your tracks.  It’s like hearing an old song that takes you back to an exact moment in time.  Your brain can’t help but take you back.  For a moment, I’d forgotten that these little babies were obsessed with boats.  They would clearly float them anywhere and everywhere they could.

With this one image, all the memories came flooding back.  

Boats for Christmas, boats for birthdays, boat races in the neighborhood pool, boats in the bathtub, and books about boats every night before bed.  Life was so simple then, right?  Well maybe, but probably not.  If I step back for a moment, I also remember the complete chaos of two boys in diapers and cribs, one gigantic baby boy on each hip …

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A better story yet

When I left my sales career to start HeartStories in 2012, I had NO idea what this road would be like.  I had my sights set on creating an explosive movement of women turning toward each other, to live life with more connection and less shame.  I set out to make life more meaningful and more fun for women stuck in the rat race of daily life.  It was going to be a no-brainer, right?!

I wasn’t expecting the struggle. 

The endless hours of work, all the pain and the strain caught me by surprise.  It was not because I hadn’t heard it would be hard.  I read more than 10 books, that first year alone, about starting a business and making change that mattered.  It wasn’t because I had my head buried in the sand.  I hired coaches and consultants out the wazoo.  It was because no one can prepare you …

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Be one of a kind!

I was reminded this week that as a kid, my nickname was “Crystal the Pistol”.  I think a lot of people thought that was a negative thing back then, but with my fuzzy yellow hooded nightgown, cowboy boots, cowboy hat and cap guns in their holsters on my hips, I liked it.  In middle school and high school, it became obvious that being a “pistol”, made me different from all the “cool kids”.

I didn’t fit in with the pack, and at times, that was a lonely place to be. 

As an adult, I’ve learned to embrace that part of my story because it reminds me of what makes me unique.  The grown-up Crystal sees the differences that make each of us unique, as our gifts to the world.  Just like the Ya-Ya Headdresses we made at the last GNO, were a beautiful reflection of each individual sister who made them.  We …

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