Change the world by living the story of your heart

Do you ever listen to a worn out track in your mind that holds you back from being all you’re meant to be?

You are not alone. 

A sense of purpose and authentic friendships are essential for replacing that old story so the real you can shine.

HeartStories is a community of women choosing to live more meaningful lives, while improving the world in the process.

Are you ready to replace that old track in your head with Love?

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Shop by heartstories,  is all about the stories of female social entrepreneurs who are living their heartstories and changing the world as a result. We highlight their products that give back, all in one place, enabling you to support women all around with world with one seamless checkout experience.

By supporting these women, you become part of their story.

It's like Amazon for women who care about supporting other women and making a difference with their purchases.

It brings together HeartStories' mission, with social good and an enormous amount of support for women who are busting their behinds everyday to make this world a better place.

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The HeartStories app brings meaning back to connection.

All of your networking has you more connected than ever before, but are you really connecting?

If your life is too busy to have real conversations with your closest friends, we made this app for you.

It's a simple way of fostering consistent, meaningful connection with only the small circle of friends who know you and love you, exactly as you are.

We're bringing your friendships back.

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The pain of the past

Hang out with us:

Dear sweet woman at the checkout line in Target yesterday, here’s the hug I should have given you.  I’m so sorry I didn’t.

I had to run in Target yesterday afternoon....

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Who is on your path?

Hang out with us:

What’s your plan for today?

Where is life taking you?  Who will you meet?

What will you spend your time doing?

What’s on your to-do list?

Seriously, I’m...

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