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Start Living a Story You Love.

February 22, 2014 at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, TX

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HeartStories is a new kind of resource for women.

We have a dream of seeing women live more fulfilling lives as a result of replacing the noise in their minds with truth and love.

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We All Have a Soundtrack in Our Mind.

Despite their outward appearances, happy faces and cheerful Facebook updates, many women are struggling on the inside. We’re plagued with doubts, fighting a daily battle to appreciate the truth about who we are. We worry about the lines on our faces and the few extra pounds on our thighs. We worry we’re not a good enough parent or partner. We worry we’re not smart enough, sexy enough, young enough or successful enough. While these thoughts continue playing on loop in our minds, they keep us frozen, preventing us from growing into the strong, courageous women we were always meant to become.

By coming together as a community of support we can change the way women live, love and think –and we might just change the world along the way. It’s time to air out our insecurities and get honest about the struggles we all face. Nobody has to go it alone. We’re all in this together. This isn’t just the story of me or you…it’s the story of us.

It’s Time for a New Story.


Our Mission

To create a conscious awareness about the self-limiting stories women often rehearse. We believe there is a better way to think and live. Through our new platform and resources, HeartStories will help women uncover a truer story, empowering them to live better lives.


Our Plan

We are rallying true believers to spread the news that change is in the air. HeartStories is pioneering a new way to use technology to replace all the noise with truth and love, for ourselves and for others.


We are pioneering an app that is a new way of using technology FOR us to help women to retrain their brains.

This app is a place to be heard, focus on the positive and replace the noise of the negative stories.

Your Involvement

If you or someone you care about struggles with stories of self-doubt…join us. You can become a part of a new story by joining the HeartStories conversation.
Here’s how:


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