We improve the world by living the stories of our hearts

Do you ever listen to a worn out track in your mind that holds you back from being all you’re meant to be?

You are not alone. 

Authentic, meaningful connection is essential for quieting those old stories to truly live the story of your heart.

Focused on rooting women deeper in authentic relationships, HeartStories is a community for women choosing to live happier, more meaningful lives and improve the world in the process.

If you’re ready to start living the story in your heart instead of the old stories in your head,  sign up for notes from us below.


our Mission

Are you hyper-connected, yet sometimes still feel lonely?  Do you present a polished appearance to the outside world, but often play a soundtrack of negative messages in your mind, comparing your real life to the polished news feeds of others?  Are you rushing through life on a tightrope, keeping your struggles and sometimes even your joys, to yourself? If so, you're not alone. 

HeartStories is on a mission to end the worn out stories playing in your mind by reuniting you with your closest friends.

By acknowledging that we are all in this together and pioneering new ways to support each other, we are improving the way women think, love, and live.

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the App

The HeartStories app brings meaning back to connection.

On the surface, all of your networking has you more connected than ever before, but are you really connecting?

Deep down, do you realize you've become disconnected from the people who mean the most to you, but with the pace of your life, feel helpless to change it? Life is just too busy... Not anymore.

This new app is a simple way of fostering consistent, meaningful connection with only the small circle of friends who know you and love you, exactly as you are. It's a thread that will begin to weave you close together.

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our Blog

I overslept

I have a standing date with my friend Melanie to walk together at 6AM one day a week.  Obviously, this is a good friend.  We do this because we love each other and want to spend time together, but mostly because she is giving...

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Look at her

Look at her.  Can you believe she’s wearing that?  Saying that? Doing that?

If you’re a women, you’ve heard this.   Maybe you’ve even caught yourself saying it.  We live in a culture that is too...

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