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HeartStories is a new kind of resource for women.

We have a dream of seeing women live more fulfilling lives as a result of replacing the noise in their minds with truth & love.

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our Mission

Women today are busy. We’re hyper connected through social media yet, often still feel alone. We present a beautiful, collected appearance, but we play a soundtrack of negative messages in our minds. Every day, rehearsing an old story, reminding us over and over that we’re simply not enough. These stories create isolation. They affect how we think about ourselves and approach our lives.

HeartStories is changing all that.

We are on a mission to help all women understand that it’s time to end the worn out stories playing in our minds. By bringing awareness to the fact that we are all in this together and pioneering new ways to support each other, we are changing the way women live, love, and think.

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the App

The HeartStories app is a simple way to get real with your core girlfriends, wherever you are.

We all have social networks with bajillions of “friends”, but how often are we truly making a connection? In our culture, we tend to think more is always better, but when it comes to friend counts, less is really more.

On average, women have 338 Facebook friends, 208 Twitter followers and less than three friends we would confide in. Less than 3! It’s no surprise that we desperately need a place to let our guards down for a minute. A way to share what we’re really feeling and know our girls have our back, they hear us, see us and love us no matter what.

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our Blog


There were 8 of us that night.

4 couples crowded around a tiny table in my friend Steve’s kitchen. Steve had invited us to join him and his wife for “wine and cheese and good conversation”.

None of us knew each...

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Why We Need a Friendship Challenge

One Saturday evening, my husband and I were headed out to a party for one of his friends. While rushing to get ready, we got into a big, ugly fight.  Our worst yet.

Words were said.  Tempers flared.  We were both hurt...

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